Poster Template

The essential rules in the poster presentation of EBBT’2020 are as follows:

  • The poster should be prepared maximum 140 cm x 120 cm (width x height) size paper in a single piece.
  • The letters on the poster should be of a readable size approximately 1.5 m away.
  • The letter size on the poster should be at least 72 points for the title, at least 20 points for the subject headings and at least 16 points for the writing sections.
  • Under the title of the poster, the names and surnames of the authors of the papers should be listed, and the institutions of the authors should be specified under this line.
  • Abstract part should not be placed in the poster.
  • The poster can be created in a single visual form as well as 2, 3 or 4 columns. The distance between the columns should be at least 1.5 cm. The text part can be supported by equations, tables, figures and references. Relevant references should be numbered at the end of the text part. The writing rules of the references is the same as the rules for the paper.
  • The character type used in the poster should be a character type such as Times New Roman. The character type should be the same on the whole poster.
  • The rules for equation, figure and table numbering, the writing rules of the headings belonging to the figure and the table are same as the rules for the paper.
  • The poster session will take approximately 45 minutes and at least one author of the study is expected to assist and present the paper at the session according to IEEE regulations.